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Belegg brukes for å beskytte hestens bein mot stryk eller slag. Finntacks bakbeinsbelegg er en del av Finntack ProFlex beinbeleggserie, der fasongen og materialene er designet og valgt ut med fokus på funksjonene. Det vi...

Harness racing

At Finntack you will find the largest selection of trotting equipment online, at the right price and with fast delivery. It is now easy and quick to buy harness racing equipment in our online shop if you do not live near a Finntack shop. Here you’ll find all the equipment you need for your trotting horse to perform its best at the racetrack.

We will help you

Having trouble choosing the right harness racing gear online? Use our size models to find out what size you need. If you have any questions about our products just contact Customer Service on our chat line and we will be happy to help.

Elite, Pro and Classic

Trotting gear is often available in different materials – leather, synthetic or beta. All three materials are resilient and will last long if handled properly. For example, leather should be maintained with leather care products. Finntack's own products are divided into three different product lines based on price, style and target group: Elite, Pro and Classic.

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